Our Range of Shutters

This is just a small selection of our range of shutters for Suffolk. If you would like to know more, or would like an indication of prices, please contact us.

We can give you the option to have the tilt rods on centre, off centre, or even use our popular easy tilt system.

For those high shutters we also do motorised systems.

Shutter sizes are 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm



Our Carolina Shutters Range is constructed in FSC White Teak, this product replaces our previous top end Portland Range.

Available in any shape, paint colour or large choice of wood stains and with motorised options too, our Carolina Shutter Range tops the bill.

Main Benefits:

  • Beautiful tight grain with smooth finish
  • Very strong and robust hardwood
  • Ideal for commercial applications where a wood product is preferred


Our Phoenix Window Shutter Range, although made from hardwood it is very light, enabling us to confidently use them for large tier on tier installations where weight would definitely preclude the use of Seattle or similar weight hardwood shutter panels.

The almost white timber stains to match most timbers accurately, while the grain appears rich and exuberant, even when painted.

Main benefits:

  • Very light, ideal for conservatory roof shutters and large openings where tracking is not desired
  • This is the shutter we use for special shaped windows
  • When paint finished has good texture
  • Our most environmentally friendly shutter




High quality, low price, our Boston Shutters Range is crafted from solid basswood.

Basswood is a very competitively priced hardwood and popular material for shutters.

All shutter stiles have mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability.

Available in five shades with the introduction of limited stain colour option over time.

Main benefits:

  • Low priced, high quality
  • Tough and looks fabulous
  • Best value wood shutters on the UK market


Our Georgia Window Shutter Range is technically at the pinnacle of shutter design.

Engineered frames and ABS louvres finished in an etched PP coating, then sprayed in presently 28 different colour choices, including a selection of popular F&B colours.

The Georgia is simply a stunning shutter at a suprisingly low price.

Main benefits:

  • Up to 915mm single panel width
  • 620mm Bi Fold and 3 from hinge Tier on Tier OK
  • F&B Colours in a low cost shutter
  • Looks as good as wood but is stronger




Our Seattle Shutter Range is an engineered product, comprising of the best off-cut timber, which is bound and laminated with epoxy to form a light, durable lumbar core in a choice of five extremely durable white finishes.

Maintenance free and very strong, with a wipe clean surface, this range is popular for its low price and premium looks.

Main benefits:

  • Affordable and hard to tell apart from wooden plantation shutters costing twice as much
  • Very durable shutters that never need repainting
  • Optimum light control and insulating properties


Our Hollywood Shutter Range is ideal for harsh environments such as bathrooms, wet rooms, or showers, anywhere really that needs a tough but good looking window treatment that will last.

The new closed-cell composite shutter technology ensures superior strength, stiffness and won't warp, dent or chip.

Main Benefits:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable of damp areas
  • Hardwearing and robust
  • Range of six white shades